Dr Tai's Welcome Message

Dr Tai's Welcome Message


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Mission Statement

The mission of University of Taipei is to develop a student-centered educational environment that supports citizens from Taipei and the world becoming contributors to global wellbeing.


Welcome to the University of Taipei!

Following the University merge of two existing campuses in Taipei City, The University of Taipei is restructured in 2013 since 1895 when it was first established, and committed to be an university with international reputation. The urban-based institute has many defined academic disciplines and seeks to have far-reaching knowledge impact in the world on fields including art, science, education, public affair, and sports science. Many alumni from the legacy colleges and graduate schools before the University merge have been empowered by our education and have become leaders in every area. For the most recent 5 years, published articles from two campuses have been cited internationally for several thousand times reflecting our academic contribution. We are looking forward to strengthen our research in all areas and contributes more for human wellbeing though education. University of Taipei is located in a vibrant international city Taipei with two campuses located in the center of the city and Tien-Mu neighborhood. I would like to sincerely invite you to visit our campus and facilities, inquire about the academic programs and research activities, and participate in the dynamic community.


Dr. Dana Tai

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