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University of Taipei

University of Taipei- Overview

University of Taipei- Overview        University of Taipei- Overview


      Established in 1895, as the oldest university in Taiwan, the University of Taipei has made a significant contribution to education for more than a century. After the merger of Taipei Municipal University of Education and the Taipei Physical Education College in 2013, which is located in a vibrant international city with two campuses: The bo-Ai campus at the heart of downtown Taipei and the Tian-Mu campus in the neighborhood adjacent to Yangmingshan National Park. Both campuses are close to bus, train, and MRT stations. With its convenient location, great amenities, and well-deserved reputation, UT has attracted both local and international students.

     As the only municipal university, UT shares a strong tie with the Taipei City Government. Having complementary goals, the university and the Taipei City Government work together very well. With the abundant resources provided by the city Government, and has developed into a comprehensive university with extraordinary academic research achievements. We keep our original strength and go further to conduct intensive studies in various fields and aim to train young generations for leadership.

     At present, UT consists of 5 colleges, 27 departments, 5 graduate institutes, and 20 Master’s s and PhD programs . We seek to exert far-reaching knowledge impact to the world on fields including Education, Humanities & Arts, Science, Kinesiology, and City Management. The University is dedicated to combining education, research and urban development to be an internationally renowned metropolitan university. UT offers students interdisciplinary trainings to create new knowledge to the benefit of individuals and communities around the world. UT is here to support students to pursue excellence.


University of Taipei- Overview        University of Taipei- Overview