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University of Taipei

University of Taipei- Overview
University of Taipei- Overview        University of Taipei- Overview

     Being the oldest university in Taiwan, established since 1895, University of Taipei (UT) with more than a hundred year of history in education has been contributing plentiful influential achievements in the development of the nation. Since its affirmation of reestablishment after August 2013, UT began a significant reform to endeavor for the excellent education with global view, continue to attract top Taiwanese students and international participants in line with our current mission to be a world-class research university. Many alumni from the legacy colleges and graduate schools have been empowered by our education and have become leaders in their area.


     Four UT faculty members had been invited to be Minister of Cabinet Office of government of Taiwan, ROC and President of National Academy for Educational Research, representing UT’s intellectual contribution to national policy of Taiwan. In 2013, UT received award from Springer for the highest viewed publication of the world in 2013, representing the strongest academic impact on international readership, leading ahead the rest of universities in Taiwan. Offering 53 bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs in 4 colleges, UT values international diversity, which greatly enriches global view of all students and sets a connecting platform of international career development for future leaders. UT seeks to exert far-reaching knowledge impact to the world on fields including art, humanity, science, education, public affair, and Kinesiology.


     UT is located in a vibrant international city with two campuses located in the political hub of Taiwan and Tien-Mu neighborhood adjacent to Yangmingshan National Park in Taipei. We are looking forward to strengthen innovation from research in all areas and to contribute more for human wellbeing.


Correspondence may be addressed to: 

Dr. Sabina Shu-Chun Chiang, Dean of Office of International Affairs
University of Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan (E-mail:  csc@utaipei.edu.tw )
+886-23113040 ext. 8663 

University of Taipei- Overview        University of Taipei- Overview